Branding and Promotions

We offer end-to-end creative services to help your advertising pieces reflect the style and image of the product. We take extra precaution to comply with all brand standards while producing an advertising piece that will truly speak to consumers. We offer marketing strategy consultations as well as copy writing and print or digital design services.

Media Planning

a decisive task where the company plans the media, the frequency, and the money that should be invested in promotion/advertising of a product to reach a niche audience.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is nothing but the use of a company's name to create a desired perception of the company and the products / services it produces. Corporate branding encompasses a wide variety of factors including aspects such as values, and beliefs of the company. Brand awareness level is raised in clients by first understanding clients taste, preference and present level of awareness. This analysis leads to designing of marketing programs. Designing of marketing programs is a complex process as it may have to encompass wide range of product and brands. Purpose of all corporate branding programs is to maximize brand equity and also to capture or create long lasting impression in client's mind